Cooling Tower Pros: Cooling Miami's Future.
Cooling Tower Pros: Cooling Miami's Future.  

Service & Repair.

Is Your Cooling Tower underperforming or shut down?


No need to panic thinking of a replacement, a repair may be the answer!


Cooling Towers being complex mechanical structures sometimes suffer wears and tears inherent to their non-stop use; here at Cooling Tower Pros we offer repair and parts replacement services to most makes and models of towers. 


We provide our Customers with a proper detailed solution for needed repairs, giving decision makers and Associations the proper tools to make an educated choice on repairs based on a buildings priorities, needs and budget.


Why are we the go-to optimizing service for your cooling tower?


Cooliong Tower Pros has acces to one of the largest cooling tower parts availability source in the country, which helps us by lowering costs for our Customers. All parts come with a manufacturers warranty and we offer a one-year warranty on labor of repairs.


With our temporary cooling services, repairing a cooling tower is a much tolerable endeavor for our Customers.


Give us a call to evaluate the problem and offer a solution free of charge.



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